Try these simple family olympic activities to teach your children about hard work

Are you a gold family? Find out with these events.

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Family Chat

Tell the story of Mirai Nagasu and discuss the quote below.

Hard work and dedication

This winter Olympics, Mirai Nagasu made history as the first female American figure skater to land one of the most challenging figure skating jumps: the triple axle. She was only the third woman to ever land this successfully at the Olympics. But before this victorious moment she faced a lot of setbacks.

Although Mirai went to the 2010 olympics, she was passed up in a controversial decision for the 2014 olympics. She placed third at the US Championship, but the fourth-place finisher, Ashley Wagner, was selected to go instead because her international resume was considered stronger than Mirai’s.

Mirai was obviously devastated, but she became even more determined. She was the first US woman to go back to the Olympic games after missing one. And all of her hard work paid off when she landed her triple axle, helping the US take bronze in the figure skating team event.

Discussion questions

Why do you think Mirai was successful?

How could she have reacted to being rejected from the Olympic team differently?

What do you want to have accomplished in a year? What are you going to do to make it happen?

Family Activity

Famlympics (aka hold your own Olympics)

If you love the Olympics, you will more than love having your own Olympic events! We tried these fun, cheap events.


What you’ll need:



Water gun (we bought a small, cheap one at the dollar store)

Timer (we just used a phone)


Make a target out of paper and hang it on your wall. Across from the paper target, put a piece of tape on your floor as the starting and ending point.

Have the first participant hold the water gun (filled with water) and stand on the line. Pick a route they have to run. (Our route looped around our living room twice.) When the timer starts, they will run the route, stop on the line and shoot the target.

Mark down their time, how many shots it took them to hit the target and how close they came to the bullseye.

Do this for each family member participating. You can decide how you determine the scoring. Our gold winner was the fastest and hit the target on the first shot.

Pair Figure Skating

What you’ll need:

Paper or paper towel

Hardwood, tile or linoleum floor if possible

A device to play music


Divide everyone into pairs (or you can do it solo if there are only two of you). Give each team a few minutes to pick a song and prepare a dance to it.

Tape paper onto the bottom of your shoe. Then slide your feet along the floor as you perform your routine for each other.

Ice Hockey

What you’ll need:

A few ice cubes




Put two strips of tape on a table parallel to each other and about a foot and a half apart. Then give the first two people competing a straw. Place an ice cube on the table. The goal is to see who can blow the ice cube across their opponents goal line first. The straw cannot touch the ice cube.

Flag decorating

Besides being fun, this is just a really great excuse to eat fruit pizza.

What you’ll need:

Sugar cookie dough

Cream cheese frosting



Make sugar cookie dough and roll it onto a cookie sheet in one large rectangle.

Then when it’s cool, cut it into as many rectangles as you have people. Each person gets to then decorate their cookie as their own personal flag. You’ll want to cut up fruit in advance, and you can leave the fruit pizza frosting white or color it as you wish.

We used this fruit pizza recipe (and it was delicious), but any would work.

Have someone who did not decorate judge the flag cookies.

And for a little extra fun…

Hand out rollos for all those who placed in each event. Then after all the events are done, throw on the olympic song and award the final gold, silver and medal awards.

And if you want an additional treat besides the fruit pizza, we had some veggies and dip in the shape of the olympic rings.

Enjoy going for gold!

Amberlee L. Peterson

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