July 15: National Ice Cream Day

Play "Ice Cream Roulette" with your family (not that you need an excuse to eat lots of ice cream).

When President Ronald Reagan named the third Sunday in July “National Ice Cream Day,” he called the people of the United States to “observe the events with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” In other words, eating lots and lots of ice cream today is basically the law.

Ice Cream Roulette

Each family member gets to become an ice cream confectioner by creating a their own personalized flavor (it could be good, or it could be terrible). Then everyone in the family tastes it to guess what secret ingredient was added.

1.Each person seals cream, sugar and flavoring in a sandwich-size ziploc bag and shakes to combine.

2.In the freezer-size ziploc bag, mix ice and salt.

3.Place the smaller bag inside the freezer size bag. Shake until hardened (about 10 minutes).

4.Have each family member add a secret ingredient to their bag – this could be anything the ice cream creator may imagine, from balsamic vinegar to Lucky Charms.

5.Take turns tasting each chocolate ice cream creation and guessing what ingredient was added to the treat.

Maybe you’ll create the world’s best new flavor!