Dogs and eggs, Taylor Swift and Selfie Kid: what your teen saw this week

Do you know what's on their feed?

Here is a list of viral content that your teenager probably saw this week.

Taylor Swift playlist:

Taylor Swift can be semi-controversial at times, but her music is at the top of the charts more often than not. Therefore, most of what she says is being watched and shared. Recently she tweeted out a spotify playlist of songs she’s been listening to.

If your teens follow Taylor Swift they will probably check out these other artists she tweeted about.

Selfie kid at super bowl

Loving selfies is a normal teenage thing to do. During the halftime show at the super bowl, a teenager took a selfie with Justin Timberlake. Before he took the selfie, the camera showed him looking at his phone with Justin dancing next to him.

The image of the boy looking at his phone instantly went viral. Many people made the image into a meme saying he was looking up the song lyrics, or how teenagers never know how to live in the moment. He was really just trying to get his phone app to work so he could get the selfie with Justin.

This kid just became the Super Bowl’s biggest meme / via Twitter
Teen suicide and bullying

Emily Gipson shared a poem on YouTube she wrote herself, and it went viral. The poem was about her view of how bullying and suicide are connected in her school. At the end she talked about how she felt the administration, teachers and other students weren’t looking for a solution to the bullying problem. The school suspended her for three days after posting the video.

White celebrations vs. Black protests

After winning the Super Bowl, many Eagle fans took to the streets to celebrate. Unfortunately, many of the celebrations turned into violence and vandalization in the streets of Philadelphia. People were not impressed with the violence, especially Brittany Packnett who noticed the police were doing nothing other than containing the violence to certain streets. Packnett said it is a huge injustice to allow white Americans to violently celebrate a win and not allow Black Americans to peacefully protest.

Packnett said we are teaching white children that they can get away with anything, while teaching Black children that their opinion will never matter.

Golden retriever egg challenge

There are many challenges going viral. Some of the most dangerous ones are the Tide pod, ice and salt or the cinnamon challenges. Luckily the newest challenge is danger free, but it might end up being a little messy.

The golden retriever egg challenge involves putting a raw egg in your dog’s mouth to see how long the dog can hold it without breaking it. Most dogs won’t hold it in their mouth for long and end up throwing the egg on the floor.

All kinds of dogs are trying the golden retriever egg challenge / via Twitter

Unrealistic body image

We’re all aware of the snipping and tucking of Photoshoped images that give women and men unrealistic body images expectations.

The full article of unrealistic body image can be viewed here. And while this article is funny, it does bring up what unrealistic body image expectations your teen faces everyday.

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